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2010 Lexus GX Interior

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Cargo Net, Envelope

Custom-crafted for the cargo area, the cargo net is designed to hold a variety of everyday items, from groceries to athletic gear, to help ensure they don't shift around or tip over. The cargo net features a hammock-style design and durable elastic-mesh netting that attaches to defined points in your rear cargo area, making it easily accessible. The cargo net can be installed or detached in seconds, and folds flat for storage when not in use.
Part Number: PT347-60100
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First Aid Kit, White Logo

The Lexus-branded first aid kit ensures that you have a practical assortment of first aid supplies on hand for minor cuts and injuries, when needed. The soft-sided, black PVC zippered case is created specifically to mount inside the cargo area and is custom-packaged with Velcro mounting strips to help ensure the kit remains in place during normal driving. The kit features a "Quick Guide to First Aid and CPR," along with medicated insect sting relief pads, individually wrapped cleansing towelettes, adhesive bandages, an elastic bandage with 2 metal clips, butterfly closure strips, sterile gauze, adhesive tape and a versatile triangular bandage that can be used as a sling, a normal bandage and for non-medical purposes to cover the head or face in inclement weather. In addition, you will find tweezers, an emergency blanket and scissors capable of cutting through seatbelt strapping in the event of an emergency.
Part Number: PT420-00080
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Cargo/Trunk Mats

Specifically designed to help protect the carpeting in the cargo area of your GX from premature wear and soiling, the plush carpet cargo mat also provides an extra measure of cushioning for your cargo and helps reduce noise inside the cabin. The mat is shaped precisely to fit your GX and is easily removed for cleaning.
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Ashtray Kit, Cup with Retainer Clip

This self-contained unit offers an easily removable ashtray featuring a UV protected plastic cup and hinged lid that fits snugly inside the vehicle's cup-holder. Providing a convenient place for your ashes, it is easy to empty and clean and features a deep tray well with integrated lid. Helps prevent flyaway ash and is convenient for both driver and passenger use.
Part Number: 74101-AE010
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Remote Engine Start

Equally valuable on cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons, the remote engine starter allows you to start the engine-as well as activate your air conditioner, heater, heated seats and windshield defogger-before entering your vehicle. Simply pre-set your climate-control and heated seat settings and your vehicle will be ready and waiting with a comfortable interior temperature and warm driver and front-passenger seats. The remote engine starter is also fully integrated into your keyless entry system, so there's no need for an additional remote.
Part Number: PT398-60110
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