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2010 Lexus LX Accessories

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Wireless Headphones

Give your passengers the ultimate personalized audio experience with Lexus wireless headphones. Stylish, lightweight and fully adjustable, wireless headphones complement your vehicle's available rear seat entertainment system with rich, dynamic sound quality. They feature cushioned, padded leather trim for comfort, personal volume controls, and two audio channels that allow passengers to switch between two different audio sources such as movies or music. The headphones fold for compact storage and include an "Auto-off" mode to help extend battery life.
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VIP Security System, GBS

The Lexus Glass Breakage Sensor (GBS) helps provide valuable protection against break-ins, courtesy of highly sensitive microphones that can actually "hear" the sound of breaking glass. In the event that breaking glass is detected by the GBS, your vehicle's factory installed security system will immediately activate. The GBS is designed to ignore other noises, helping to prevent "false alarms."
Part Number: PT398-60082
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