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Lexus Parts > GS460 Parts > 2008 GS460 > Model: GRS191L-BETQHA  Tool/Engine/Fuel > V-Belt
200607-200709 2GRFSE ATM GRS191

2008 Lexus GS460 V-Belt

Purchase OEM 2008 Lexus GS460 v-belt (Component number: 16-05) at for discount Lexus v-belt.
Parts Listing: (0501- )
Attention: Make sure the parts you selected match the production date of your Lexus. Your Lexus VIN can determine correct production date.
PNC Description Part No. Production
Model Req Qty. Retail
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16361A BELT, V(FOR FAN & ALTERNATOR) 99367-C1550 2005.01-2007.09 2GRFSE, 3GRFSE.. GRS19# 1
16361A BELT, V(FOR FAN & ALTERNATOR) 99367-C1550 2007.09- 2GRFSE.. GRS19# 1