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Genuine Lexus GX470 Alternator

We carry a full inventory of genuine Lexus GX470 Alternator, especially designed to maximize factory-level performance. You can limit the results to the actual Alternator that fits your vehicle.
Genuine Lexus GX470 Alternator
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Replaced By: 27060-50360-84
Fits the listed Lexus GX470 options:
8 Cyl 4.7L
Retail Price:$368.21
You Save:$16.49
Replaced By: 27060-50320-84
Fits the listed Lexus GX470 options:
8 Cyl 4.7L
Retail Price:$427.55
You Save:$31.25

About Lexus GX470 Alternator

The Lexus GX470 alternator's job is to run the car's electrical system and recharge the battery, enabling the battery to start your car. If the Lexus alternator output isn't up to spec, your battery never really gets charged from starting the car. In addition, a failing Lexus GX470 alternator will fail gradually until all electrical accessories in your car will not work and your car finally dies. Alternators for Engine Electrical are available here at our website.