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Lexus LS430 Fuel Pump

All Lexus parts were made to having safety and comfortable experience for the driver, especially the Lexus fuel pump. So keep your Lexus LS430 fuel pump work normal is to let you have better experience. All the Lexus parts, however, were not designed to last forever, check your old Lexus LS430 fuel pump and replace it when it's necessary. Nowadays, purchase auto parts online is easy, and all the Lexus LS430 fuel pumps in our website are OEM parts.
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Genuine Lexus LS430 Fuel Pumps

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Lexus LS430 Fuel Pump
Lexus LS430 PUMP, FUEL
Part No.: 23221-50090
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Lexus LS430 PUMP
Part No.: 23221-50110
Replaced by: 23221-31150
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