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Lexus Parts > 90521-99062
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Part NO.: 90521-99062
Genuine Lexus Parts backed by Manufacturers Warranty
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Part No. 90521-99062 fits the vehicle applications listed below:
Production Date
IS250 2010.08- 6cyl 3.5L ATM SED
IS250 2008.08-2010.08 6cyl 3.5L ATM SED
IS250 2005.08-2008.08 6cyl 3.5L ATM SED
LS600HL 2010.02- 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS600HL 2009.11-2010.02 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS600HL 2008.09-2009.11 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS600HL 2007.04-2008.09 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS460-460L 2009.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
LS460-460L 2008.09-2009.09 8cyl 4.6L ATM
LS460-460L 2006.08-2008.09 8cyl 4.6L ATM
IS CV 2009.04- 6cyl 3.5L ATM 350C
IS350 2008.08-2010.08 6cyl 3.5L ATM SED
IS350 2005.08-2008.08 6cyl 3.5L ATM SED
IS F 2007.12- 8cyl 5.0L ATM
GS350 2007.09- 6cyl 3.5L ATM
GS350 2007.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
GS350 2005.01-2007.09 6cyl 3.5L ATM
GS350 2005.01-2007.09 8cyl 4.3L ATM
GS430 2007.09- 6cyl 3.5L ATM
GS430 2007.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
All of our genuine Lexus parts come directly from an authorized Lexus dealer. Purchasing genuine parts like Genuine Lexus RING, HOLE SNAP can make your vehicle run smoothly. Rests assure that every part including 9052199062 is backed by Lexus Corporation's warranty.