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Lexus Parts > 96761-35035
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Part NO.: 96761-35035
Genuine Lexus Parts backed by Manufacturers Warranty
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Part No. 96761-35035 fits the vehicle applications listed below:
Production Date
GX460 2009.11- 8cyl 4.6L ATM Z
GX460 2009.11- 8cyl 4.6L ATM G
LS600HL 2009.11- 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS600HL 2008.09-2009.11 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS600HL 2007.04-2008.09 8cyl 5.0L SED
LS460-460L 2009.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
LS460-460L 2008.09-2009.09 8cyl 4.6L ATM
LS460-460L 2006.08-2008.09 8cyl 4.6L ATM
LX570 2009.01-2010.12 8cyl 5.7L ATM
LX570 2007.11- 8cyl 5.7L ATM
IS F 2007.12- 8cyl 5.0L ATM
GS350 2007.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
GS350 2005.01-2007.09 8cyl 4.3L ATM
GS430 2007.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
GS430 2005.01-2007.09 8cyl 4.3L ATM
GS430 1997.08-2005.01 8cyl 4.3L ATM
GS430 1997.08-2000.07 8cyl 4.0L ATM
GS460 2007.09- 8cyl 4.6L ATM
GS460 2005.01-2007.09 8cyl 4.3L ATM
SC430 2005.08- 8cyl 4.3L ATM
All of our genuine Lexus parts come directly from an authorized Lexus dealer. Purchasing genuine parts like Genuine Lexus RING, O can make your vehicle run smoothly. Rests assure that every part including 9676135035 is backed by Lexus Corporation's warranty.