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Lexus Color Code Tutorial

What is the color code of your Lexus vehicle and where to find it?

The color code is a 3 digits numeric or alpha/numeric character code that identified the color of your vehicle, it can be found on:
  • VIN plate or VIN label
The VIN plate or label can be found in the locations as shown in the following pictures.
Lexus Color Code Locations

How to read the VIN plate or label to get the color code?

For vehicles 1989 to current (Label)
On Passenger Cars, the I.D. Label is located on the inside of the driver's door. On the trucks, Vans and Land Cruisers, the Label is located on the lower part of the driver's door pillar.
The color code is the first three numbers/letters on the second line from the bottom.
Lexus VIN Number Decoder

For vehicles prior to 1989 (Plate)
On the passenger Cars, Trucks and Land Cruisers, the I.D. Plate is located on or adjacent to the firewall within the engine compartment. On Vans, the Plate is located on the body, under a carpet flap directly below the front of the front passenger seat.
The color code is the first three numbers/letters on the bottom.
Color Code for Lexus Prior to 1989 (Plate)

How to use the color code to find the correct part?

The circled three digits code is the color code of that part number, it should match with the Color Code you get from the I.D. Label as instructed above.
Use Color Code to Find Correct Accessories