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Genuine Lexus GX460 Wheels

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4 Genuine Lexus GX460 Wheels found

  • Lexus GX460 Wheels - PTR56-60120
    Lexus GX460 F SPORT Alloy Wheel
    Part Number: PTR56-60120
    Other Name: FSPRT Se GX460 Wheel
    • Bolt Circle / P.c.d.:6 On 139.7 mm
    • Logo:F-Sport
    • Material:Cast Aluminum
    • Spoke:6
    • Wheel Width:7.5"
    $250.10 MSRP: $275.00
    You Save: $24.90 (10%)
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    Fits the following Lexus Models

    • 2012-2022 Lexus GX460
    • These wheels feature premium Liquid Silver finish and are 12 percent lighter weight compared to stock wheels (reducing unsprung weight). Unique spline-drive lug nuts and wheel locks accompany the Lexus 18-in Alloy Wheels.
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  • Lexus GX460 Wheels - PTR27-60120
    Lexus GX460 F SPORT Wheel Installation Kit
    Part Number: PTR27-60120
    Other Name: FSPRT GX460 Lug Set
    • Logo:F-Sport
    • Logo Type:Laser-etched
    • Wheel Lock Dimension:12 mm
    $128.96 MSRP: $135.00
    You Save: $6.04 (5%)
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    Fits the following Lexus Models

    • 2012-2022 Lexus GX460
    • The F Sport wheel installation kit is for use with 12 mm conical seat applications. The kit includes: twenty, all-short spline drive lug nuts with captured conical swivel washers; four conical seat 12mm puzzle-style F Sport wheel locks, made from forged hardened steel and triple nickel plated for a bright durable finish; a matching puzzle key wheel lock tool; and installation tools. Each lock features a laser-etched F Sport logo.
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  • Lexus GX460 Wheels - PTR56-60120-AA
    Lexus GX460 F SPORT Center Cap. Wheels.
    Part Number: PTR56-60120-AA
    Other Name: FSPRT SEGX460 RPLCAP
    $17.75 MSRP: $22.55
    You Save: $4.80 (22%)
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    Fits the following Lexus Models

    • 2019-2022 Lexus GX460
    • Replacement part center cap with F-Sport logo for F-Sport 18” wheel PTR56-60120.
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  • Lexus GX460 Wheels - PTR53-00100
    Lexus GX460 F SPORT Tire Repair System Kit
    Part Number: PTR53-00100
    Other Name: FSPORT Tire Repair
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    Fits the following Lexus Models

    • 2011-2016 Lexus GX460
    • Intended to repair punctures of up to 1/4-inch diameter in the tire tread temporarily (up to 100 miles)
    • Designed to allow the motorist to quickly and safely complete the repair, get back on the road and proceed as soon as possible to an authorized tire repair facility to have the tire repaired or replaced
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