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Genuine Lexus Parts

Lexus is the widely renowned luxury vehicle division of Toyota. The Lexus brand is globally recognized as Japan's top selling luxury car brand. Lexus was created from a vision of creating a truly elite global luxury car. The Lexus brand has become synonymous with quiet, well-engineered sedans, with powerful, yet nearly silent engines. The creation of Lexus coincided with a desire to cater more towards American car consumers. As a true testament to its ongoing excellence, Lexus vehicles, with genuine Lexus parts, have continuously upheld its impeccable reputation for its emphasis on quality, reliability, and comfort, differentiating itself even among the fiercest of competition.

Recently Lexus has delighted luxury car enthusiasts with several standout models. Such as the Lexus LC, which has a truly compelling design, when paired with its robust V8 and hybrid options, this vehicle really epitomizes the brand's ongoing pursuit of fusing luxury with performance. The Lexus UX offers an urban focused, luxury SUV experience, complete with either gas or hybrid variations. The Lexus LM, has redefined luxury for the minivan segment, particularly in its limousine configuration. These models, along with genuine Lexus parts, together each exemplify Lexus's undying dedication to innovation, style and premium driving experiences for its drivers.

Lexus has continued to push boundaries with its transmission and engine offerings. Lexus has made important technological advancements with its hybrid powertrains, particularly with the Multi Stage Hybrid system found in models like the LC 500h. This unique system combines a 3.5 liter V6 engine with two electric motors and uses a multi-stage transmission to provide a more direct acceleration feel. This special transmission, deftly blends the characteristics of a 10-speed automatic gearbox, with the responsive performance and efficiency of a CVT from its hybrid offerings. Lexus has also been innovating with its Dynamic Force Engines, which focus on thermal efficiency and performance. These engines each utilize advanced fuel injection, and variable valve timing systems to balance power with efficiency. When paired with Direct-Shift Automatic transmissions in many Lexus models, genuine Lexus parts like this ensure a smooth refined and truly exhilarating driving experience, synonymous with Lexus long heritage of excellence in Luxury automobiles.

OEM Lexus components are subjected to rigorous quality control assessments, ensuring their superior quality and resilience. You are at the right place for all your Lexus parts. We carry a huge selection of genuine Lexus parts at unbeatable prices. Our OEM Lexus parts are better in reliability, quality, and durability, plus they come backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Shop with confidence as we promise all parts are brand new and will be delivered to your doorstep. LexusPartsNow is absolutely a good place to find OEM Lexus parts, shop today!