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About Lexus

Lexus is the luxury car division. The Lexus brand is sold in more than 90 countries and territories around the world. It is the best-selling luxury car brand in Japan. Lexus has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing highly sophisticated luxury cars. The brand is known for the excellent performance of its quiet, well-designed sedans and powerful, almost inaudible engines. It is one of Japan's top ten global brands in terms of market value. Lexus is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Lexus was born out of its desire to create a world-class luxury car brand. It was founded in the mid-1980s. It began in the United States with the help of focus groups to find design concepts that would best suit the American consumer. Hundreds of prototypes were built and tested on German and American roads.
The Lexus brand was created when its Japanese rivals were developing their premium brands. The Japanese government voluntarily imposed restrictions on exports to the U.S. market. It made it more profitable for Japanese car companies to export more expensive cars to the United States. In 1983, the company president Eiji demanded the best car in the world. The design was named F1. And it was developed for the Lexus LS 400 to expand its luxury offerings. The F1 project was followed by the Supra and Mark II sports cars. Both the Supra and Mark II are rear-wheel-drive vehicles powered by the powerful 7M-GE or 7M-GTE six-cylinder engine. The largest sedan is produced at the time was the hand-built 1960 Century Limited Edition. It was powered by a V8 engine. It was followed by the Crown, a premium sedan with a six-cylinder engine.

Masterpieces of Lexus

In the early 1990s, Lexus expanded into other markets. Sales were made in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. New models were added to the range. Lexus also began limited exports to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia. In 1991, Lexus introduced its first sports coupe, the SC 400. It had the LS 400 V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. This was followed by the second-generation ES 300 sedan. It became Lexus' best-selling car after the ES 250. By the end of 1991, Lexus had become the best-selling luxury car importer in the United States. That same year, Lexus took first place in the J.D. competition for the first time. By 1992, the base price of the LS 400 had increased by 18%. In 1993, Lexus introduced the GS 300, a mid-size sports sedan. By the end of the decade, the company had introduced SUVs and sold more than one million vehicles in the United States.
Lexus sales in North America and Asia continued to grow in 2010. The Lexus CT 200h was launched in early 2011. It was a small, compact, four-door hybrid sedan designed for the European market. Aggregate 2011 sales results show that Asian sales were up 40%, and Japanese sales were up 27%. The Lexus brand has consistently scored outstanding results in quality and reliability tests over the years. Its cars may not offer as much excitement as its German competitors, but for drivers interested in vehicles focused on quality, reliability, and comfort.