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The Lexus LX450, a full-size luxury SUV, marked Lexus's venture into the SUV market in 1995. As the premium division of Toyota, Lexus manufactured the LX450 as part of the LX series, the largest and most expensive SUV line from the brand. The LX450, designed for the luxury crossover market, was heavily influenced by the sixth-generation Toyota Land Cruiser J80. It hit the US market in January 1996 and was introduced to Canada in 1997. Its power came from a 4.5-liter, four-valve inline-six engine producing 215 horsepower, coupled with a smooth four-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel-drive system. The LX450, with its seven-seater capacity spread over three rows, offered a flexible seating arrangement, with the third row being foldable for extra space. It boasted luxury features such as a remote entry key system, a power moonroof, and a console-mounted 6-disc CD changer. Despite the initial limited production leading to a two-month waitlist, the LX450 enjoyed substantial popularity, mainly attributed to its quiet engine, competent off-road ability, and deluxe accessories. Even while handling rough terrains, the LX450 delivered a soft, comfortable ride. With the 1997 model, the LX450 remained largely unchanged, retaining the base trim. As always, Lexus ensured top-notch quality in its final products and auto parts.

Despite the Lexus LX450's off-road capabilities and long-term dependability, it's not impervious to issues. Common problems often start with the engine, marked by strange noises, rough operation, misfires, starting issues, power loss, decreased acceleration and fuel efficiency, and overheating. These symptoms, particularly when accompanied by an activated Check Engine Light, could necessitate the inspection of the spark plug, drive belt, thermostat, fuel filter, and distributor cap. Suspension and steering problems are also prevalent. Symptoms of suspension failure might include abnormal tire wear, noises from the tire area, and excessive vibration, often attributable to the LX450 wheel bearing, sway bar kit, strut housing, and carrier bearing spacer. Steering stiffness and squealing noises might indicate a faulty power steering pump. Maintaining the LX450's overall quality involves routine checks of the seat belt, which must be replaced once the pretensioner is activated, the door handle which can become loose over time, and other components like the emblem, door lock, and hood latch.

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