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About Lexus LX 450

Lexus LX 450 is a full-size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the extraordinary Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury automotive division Lexus from 1995 to 1998. The first Lexus LX 450 was introduced in 1996 as the first-generation LX, which is also Lexus' first entry into the SUV market. "LX" in its name stands for "Luxury Crossover" or "Luxury Four Wheel Drive". Although only being produced through one generation, Lexus LX 450 was the top-ranked full-size SUV in J.D. Power and Associates' Initial Quality Survey.
Lexus LX 450 started production in November 1995 and was released to the United States in January 1996 as a 1996 model. It was built based on the sixth-generation Toyota Land Cruiser (J80) to compete with the Ranger Rover and it also used body-on-frame configuration and an old-fashioned solid-axle suspension setup. Like most other premium sport-utilities of the first wave, Lexus LX 450 was a true off-road vehicle that just happened to be loaded with luxury amenities. Available in only one trim level, Lexus LX 450 was powered by a 4.5 L 1FZ-FE inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine that could produce 215 hp and 275 pound-feet of torque and this engine was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus LX 450 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Lexus LX 450 has high level of off-road capability and impressive long-term dependability and that is why LX 450 owners can have the utmost confidence in their vehicle in poor weather or while fighting their way through the worst hazards of urban life. But you also need to know about these:
First, engine failure. The most common problem may appear on Lexus LX 450 deserves your enough attention. Some Lexus LX 450 drivers had put forward that the issue would start with strange noises from the engine, then the engine run roughly even misfired. Gradually, the vehicle would also suffer from starting issues, decrease in power, acceleration and fuel efficiency and overheating aggravate all these. If your Lexus LX 450 also has these symptoms and the Check Engine Light is activated, please inspect the spark plug, drive belt, thermostat, fuel filter, distributor cap and so on.
Second, suspension and steering issues. These issues are not rare on Lexus LX 450 according to owners. Generally speaking, suspension failure would manifest as abnormal tire wear, grinding or roaring noises from tire area and excessive vibration; and these symptoms normally result from defective LX 450 wheel bearing, sway bar kit, strut housing and carrier bearing spacer. As for steering failure, if you feel the steering wheel is stiff and hear squealing noises, replacing the LX 450 power steering pump now.
However, for keeping your Lexus LX 450's overall excellent quality, you need to spare more efforts among them routine maintenance is what you should never leave out. LX 450 seat belt is usually made of consuming material like nylon, but it undertakes the important mission of holding occupants on the position where they were in crush or sudden movement in case they are injured. Once the pretensioner is activated, please replace the seat belt immediately. Door handle is used to enter or exiting from vehicle conveniently but it will be loose if used for too long, please maintain it for your convenience. Other parts such as emblem, door lock and hood latch also need to be maintained on a regular basis.
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