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About Lexus NX 200t

Lexus NX 200t is a luxury compact crossover manufactured by the extraordinary Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury automotive division Lexus since 2014. The first Lexus NX 200t was introduced in late 2014 as an all-new, entry-level crossover model in Lexus' lineup, slotted below the mid-size RX crossover. "NX" in its name stands for "Nimble Crossover". As Lexus' first foray into compact luxury crossover SUVs, Lexus NX 200t has received a fair good achievement.
The Lexus NX 200t made its debut at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on 20 April as a 5-door wagon. Shared some parts with Toyota RAV4, Lexus NX 200t's ride is firmer, its steering is more responsive and boy motions are more controlled when driving around turns or going over bumps and dips. And Lexus NX 200t has been powered by a smooth and surprisingly quiet 2.0 L 8AR-FTS turbocharged inline four-cylinder direct injection engine that could produce 235 hp and 258 pound feet of torque, and this engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. When Lexus NX 200t was first introduced to the United States market, it is the first vehicle featured a turbocharged gasoline engine.

Lexus NX 200t Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a crossover with adventurous styling and genuinely sporty driving character, Lexus NX 200t is very prevalent. If you also own a Lexus NX 200t, then you really need to learn about how to diagnose and solve these common problems:
First, suspension failure. This is the top complaint about Lexus NX 200t according to the data collected from real owners. They have provided some signs about suspension that I believe you can refer to. Some Lexus NX 200t drivers said that at first, they could hear clunking or grinding sounds while turning the steering wheel; then the excessive vibration made it harder to control the vehicle. The most serious situation is that they started to steer to the right or left unintentionally, which adds the possibility of accidents. If your NX 200t is also suffering from these symptoms, you are advised to inspect the steering knuckle as soon as possible.
Second, engine failure. Again, a very common problem not only on Lexus NX 200t but on any vehicles. Some Lexus NX 200t owners said the most obvious sign of engine failure is the engine stops working but before that you still have ways to prevent that from happening. If you notice a decrease in gas mileage, engine performance or loss of power while accelerating, most important is the Check Engine Light is illuminated, you should check if the NX 200t air filter is clogged.
However, in order to extend your Lexus NX 200t's life expectancy or at least not to shorten its lifespan, one thing you must do is to perform routine maintenance on it. As for what parts need this maintenance as it is assembled by so many different kinds of auto parts, I believe I can give you some clues. NX 200t seat belt should get as it is mostly made of nylon, a kind of material that could rug or wear as time passes by, and it is responsible for holding occupants at seat in crush, collision or sudden movement. And once pretentionser is activated, please replacing the seat belt at once. Emblem as the symbol of your vehicle also should be maintained regularly.
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