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About Lexus SC 300

Lexus SC 300 is a grand tourer manufactured by extraordinary Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation and Kanto Auto Works but sold under Toyota's luxury automotive division Lexus from 1992 to 2000. The first Lexus SC 300 was introduced with its counterpart SC 400 as the first-second generation SC. "SC" in its name stands for "Sport Coupe". In fact, Lexus SC 300 could be seen as a smaller-engine version of SC 400. After being produced through one single generation, Lexus SC 300 was replaced by the coupe-convertible SC 430 in April 2000.
Lexus SC 300 made its debut in the United States in July 1992 to compete with luxury coupe of other marque like Mercedes-Benz SL, Acura Legend and Infiniti M30 coupes. It was offered in only one trim level but also with a traction control system (TRAC). SC 300 had been powered by a 3.0 L 2JZ-GE inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine, which could produce 225 hp and 210 pound feet of torque from 1991 to 1997 and this engine was paired to either a 4-speed or a 5-speed automatic transmission. Then in 1997 for the 1998 model year, this engine was upgraded with VVTi and it could develop 225 hp and 220 pound feet of torque.

Lexus SC 300 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Just like its cousin SC 400, Lexus SC 300 with it formed the vast majority of models purchased. It is also a very popular model and any common problem on it could be noticed by owners. These two are the most common:
First, engine failure. This issue actually not common on Lexus models like SC 300 but also on any regular vehicles when they are breaking down, so you need to take care if it appears on your Lexus SC 300 prematurely. Some owners do put forward that as accumulation of mileage, engine may start to make strange noise, misfire, shake while idling; some also complained about vehicle having trouble in starting and engine performance reducing a lot. If you also notice reduction in power while acceleration and poor fuel efficiency as well as activated Check Engine Light, you are advised to inspect the SC 300 engine control module, spark plug, water pump, timing belt, ignition coil, and distributor cap.
Second, overdrive stopped working and suspension failure. Some Lexus SC 300 drivers complained overdrive stopped working, which actually is a transmission failure. Normally, you would hear a sharp whirring, rattling or grinding noise while depressing the clutch, which slowly ebbs away as you release it, and the SC 300 flywheel, release bearing, transmission pan and automatic transmission filter are often the culprits. As for suspension failure, normally, it would manifest as clunking noises coming from underneath the vehicle, excessive vibration making difficulty in handling and uneven tire wear tilting the vehicle, you should focus on the condition of SC 300 strut housing and wheel bearing from time to time.
In case your Lexus SC 300 breaks down before it should, you should pay more attention to those parts that could not last as long as the vehicle could and get them replaced in time. SC 300 seat belt is usually made of nylon to protect occupants from harm caused by sudden movement, you should get it swapped once the pretensioner is activated. Wiper blade also should be changed at least every six months for better visibility and driving safety. Other parts such as door lock and door handle should be maintained on a regular basis as well.
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