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The Lexus RX350 is a distinguished model in the RX series, a line of crossover SUVs from Lexus, the luxury division of the renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota. Known for "Radiant Crossover" or "Recreational Cross Country" in some markets, the RX350 sits comfortably between the GX and LX in the Lexus lineup. The third generation RX350, developed starting in 2004, was rolled out in 2008, with sales in America commencing in February 2009. The model boasts a revised 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6 engine producing 275 horsepower, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a robust performance. The transmission can lock its torque converter from 2nd through 6th gears, enhancing the vehicle's efficiency. The RX350, which has been in production since 2007, is built with high-quality auto parts and features continuous improvements. The 2022 version, part of the fourth generation introduced in 2016, is powered by a 2.4L turbo engine with an 8-Speed automatic transmission, taking just 7.9 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph. Comfort and luxury are key to the RX350's appeal, with a meticulously crafted interior featuring supple leather seats and two trims: base and F sport. Additional features include an optional Mark Levinson audio system and well-calibrated driver aids, enhancing the driving experience. The RX350 stands as a testament to Lexus' commitment to creating luxury SUVs that combine comfort, performance, and advanced technology.

Even though the Lexus RX350 is a relatively new model, it's not exempt from common vehicular issues like braking and suspension failures, or decreased engine performance. Braking issues often present as noisy, poorly responsive brakes, a spongy brake pedal, or even brake fluid leaks. These issues are commonly resolved by replacing the RX350 brake pad set and acquiring a new wheel cylinder repair kit. Suspension issues might require inspecting the strut housing, wheel bearing, and ball joint. Engine performance reduction, a common issue in all vehicles, may surface as squealing engine noises, power, acceleration and fuel economy decreases, difficulty starting, or abrupt engine misfires or backfires. If your RX350's Check Engine Light illuminates, a thorough check of the air filter, oxygen sensor, spark plug, ignition coil, drive belt, and throttle body gasket is advisable. Moreover, don't overlook other parts like the emblem, door lock, and seat belt, as they contribute to the vehicle's overall quality and safety. The emblem might need replacement if it's loose or missing due to constant exposure to the elements. The door lock secures your property, while the seat belt is vital for safety during abrupt vehicle movements. Regular maintenance of all these components is essential for your Lexus RX350's longevity.

For unrivaled quality, OEM parts are the ultimate choice. These parts are manufactured by Lexus's official factory using top-quality materials and undergo strict testing procedures, ensuring outstanding dependability and long-lasting durability. With an extensive inventory of OEM Lexus RX350 parts at the most competitive prices online, our website is your one-stop shop. Each genuine Lexus RX350 part we carry is backed by a manufacturer's warranty. We also offer a trouble-free return policy and expedited delivery services, assuring you of a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience.

Lexus RX350 Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: What are the step-by-step instructions for removing and installing the front and rear driveaxles?
    A: Start by removing the wheel cover and unstaking the nut. Loosen the hub nut and wheel lug nuts, then raise the vehicle and support it on jackstands. Remove the wheel and drain the transaxle lubricant. Detach the ball joint from the control arm and remove the Axle Shaft/hub nut. Free the Axle Shaft from the hub and pry the inner end from the transaxle. Remove the Axle Shaft, replace the old spring clip, and lubricate the differential seal. Reinstall the Axle Shaft, ensuring the spring clip locks in place. Grease the outer CV joint splines, reconnect the ball joint, and tighten the nuts. Install a new Axle Shaft/hub nut and check the Axle Shaft's seating. For 4WD models, follow similar steps for the rear, including removing the wheel, ABS sensor lead clamps, and parking brake cable bracket. Remove the Axle Shaft, replace the spring clip, lubricate the differential seal, and reinstall the Axle Shaft. Reconnect the control arms, install a new Axle Shaft/hub nut, and check the Axle Shaft's seating, then install the wheel and lower the vehicle.
  • Q: How to remove and reinstall the rear differential in a Lexus RX350?
    A: Raise the rear of the vehicle, support it on jackstands, block the front wheels, and place the transmission in Neutral with the parking brake off. Drain the differential lubricant. Remove the drive axles from the differential. Mark the relationship of the driveshaft to the pinion flange, then unbolt the driveshaft from the flange and suspend it with wire to avoid stressing the center support bearing. On models with an electromagnetic control coupling, disconnect the electrical connector and secure the harness out of the way. Remove the rear exhaust pipe assembly. On Highlander and 2004 and later RX 330/350 models, remove the rear subframe and differential assembly. Support the differential with a floor jack, remove its mounting bracket and bolts, then lower and remove the differential. Installation is the opposite of removal, ensuring all fasteners are tightened to the appropriate torque values and filling the differential with the correct lubricant.