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About Lexus RX 350

Lexus RX 350 is a mid-size luxury crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the extraordinary Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury automotive division Lexus since 2006. The first Lexus RX 350 was introduced in 2006 for the 2007 model year as second-generation standard RX model's renamed version. It has been awarded Top Safety Pick Accolade, earned "Good" overall ratings and so on. Until today, Lexus RX 350 has been produced through three generations.
The second-generation Lexus RX 350 (AL10; 2008-2015) was introduced in November 2008 and began sales in February 2009 as a 2010 model. It was offered in Base and F Sport trim levels. Lexus RX 350 then was powered by a 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6 engine that could produce 275 hp, and this engine was mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. Then the third-generation Lexus RX 350 (AL20; 2015-present) was unveiled at the April 2015 New York International Auto Show, trim levels from previous generation get retained. It now features an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to adjust rod quality as needed. Lexus RX 350 gets power from a 3.5 L 2GR-FKS V6 gasoline engine that could generate 295 hp and this engine is paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus RX 350 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a young model with not a long development of history, you may think your Lexus RX 350 could last a long time. It truly could unless you know how to diagnose and solve common problems on it as soon as possible:
First, braking and suspension failures. The significance of braking system is obvious as it normally decides if you could slow down and stop your vehicle safety in the end. While some Lexus RX 350 drivers complained that they had a noisy and poorly responded brake and the brake pedal was spongy, sometimes, they could even find leaking brake fluid. Replacing RX 350 brake pad set and getting new wheel cylinder repair kit often could solve these. As for suspension failure in Lexus RX 350, you are advised to check the strut housing, wheel bearing and ball joint immediately.
Second, engine performance suffered. Actually, not only in Lexus RX 350, any vehicle would eventually meet this issue. According some Lexus RX 350 owners, this problem in the vehicle manifests as engine producing squealing noises, reduction in power, acceleration and fuel economy, vehicle having difficulty in starting, engine misfiring, backfiring or dying abruptly. Once the Check Engine Light in your Lexus RX 350 comes on, you should inspect the air filter, oxygen sensor, spark plug, ignition coil, drive belt and throttle body gasket thoroughly.
In fact, some other auto parts on your Lexus RX 350 also need your attention as they would affect the vehicle's overall quality and they would wear and tear. The RX 350 emblem would fall off as it is exposed to open environment all the time, as the symbol of your vehicle, you had better get it replaced if it is loose and missing. Door lock is responsible for keeping your property from being stolen and seat belt could save your life in sudden movement. You had better add them all on your routine maintenance list.
The best maintaining way for your Lexus RX 350 is always to get old, useless auto parts replaced with new ones. Among overwhelming auto parts in the market, OEM Lexus RX 350 auto parts are the best in precise fitment and optimum performance. But if you fear about the high price of OEM parts, then you are highly recommended to the giant selection of genuine Lexus RX 350 auto parts at the lowest price from you can trust all OEM RX 350 parts here as all of them are manufacturer warrantied and could be returned without hassle and delivered at the quickest speed.