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The Lexus LC500h, produced by the luxury brand of Japanese automaker Toyota, is a grand tourer that embodies the blend of performance, elegance, and advanced technology. Standing for "Luxury Coupe", the LC500h made its debut as a concept vehicle at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, and was later introduced as a production model in 2016. The hybrid-electric model, revealed in Geneva in February 2016, brought forth a new standard for Lexus hybrid performance. The vehicle is powered by a 3.5-liter 8GR-FXS V6 engine combined with a hybrid transmission, producing 354 total system horsepower and achieving a 0-100km time below 5 seconds. The LC500h is also the first Lexus hybrid to feature a manual "M" mode, allowing drivers to experience true gear shifts. The design of the LC500h, conceived by Lexus's California design center, fuses avant-garde elegance with dynamic coupe proportions, embodying the brand's L-finesse design philosophy, which is described as "leading-edge design and technology applied with finesse". With a long 2,870 mm wheelbase, compact front and rear overhangs, and a notably low bonnet line, the LC500h's exterior mirrors its advanced internals. The LC500h also touts the world's first Multi Stage Hybrid System, pairing a 3.5L V6 engine and an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery pack. Along with the advancements in powertrain, the LC500h is equipped with advanced security features and exceptional steering control, placing it among the top models in Lexus's line-up.

The Lexus LC500h, lauded for its exceptional cabin design, fuel efficiency, smooth ride quality, and extensive list of standard features, is a popular hybrid vehicle choice. However, like any car, it's prone to certain common issues. Engine failure is often signaled by unusual noises, such as whining or squealing from the engine, oil or coolant leaks, a burnt oil smell in the compartment, and an overheating engine. This might eventually lead to performance issues like power loss during acceleration. In such cases, a thorough inspection of components such as the air filter, oil filter, spark plug, oxygen sensor, water pump, and ignition coil, is advisable, especially if the Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light are activated. Suspension failure is another common issue, often mistaken for normal tire-road friction. Clunking noises and excessive front vibration, uneven tire wear, and unintentional steering suggest possible issues with the strut housing, ball joint, wheel bearing, and control arm bracket. Preventive measures are always preferable to reactive ones, so routine maintenance of vulnerable yet crucial components like the fog light, seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, door handle, antenna, cabin air filter, and emblem, is highly recommended to ensure the longevity of your Lexus LC500h.

In terms of quality, OEM parts are unmatched. They undergo comprehensive quality control checks and are manufactured following Lexus's official factory standards. All these steps ensure the elimination of flaws and irregularities. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing they offer an extraordinary lifespan and a perfect fit. At, we offer a vast selection of OEM Lexus LC500h parts, all competitively priced. Our comprehensive inventory includes genuine Lexus LC500h parts, each backed by a manufacturer's warranty. In addition to our exceptional prices, we also provide an easy return policy and speedy delivery service. We eagerly anticipate your visit!