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The Lexus ES350, a model within the renowned Lexus ES series, represents the luxury brand's commitment to creating mid-size executive cars with an emphasis on interior amenities, quietness, and ride quality. Debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, the ES350 introduced the fifth generation of this best-selling series, featuring a powerful 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 engine that provides 272 horsepower and a six-speed automatic transmission. Highlighting Lexus' new design philosophy, L-finesse, the ES350 boasts a streamlined cabin, character lines, walnut wood accents, leather seats, and an auxiliary input for MP3 players. This design upgrade also incorporated a five-bar horizontal grille, with the Lexus emblem proudly displayed at the center. Offering impressive performance, the ES350 can accelerate to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds and reach 100 mph within 14.6 seconds. Since its introduction to the market in 2006, it has undergone several enhancements, including the addition of advanced safety features like dual front airbags and traction control. The latest 2022 ES350 continues to impress with its comfortable ride, upscale interior, and updated auto parts. It introduces the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5, improving its adaptive cruise capabilities, and features a new grille design, redesigned LED headlights, and two trims: base and F Sport. Overall, the Lexus ES350 underscores the automaker's dedication to comfort, performance, and luxury.

Despite its robust construction, the Lexus ES350 is not immune to wear and tear that may affect its overall performance over time. Common issues typically start with the engine, signaled by noises, rough running, and reduced performance due to power loss in acceleration and poor fuel efficiency. An illuminated Check Engine Light may necessitate checking the air filter, ignition coil, oxygen sensor, drive belt, spark plug, water pump, and throttle body gasket. The braking system, crucial for safety, may manifest issues through strange noises, slow response, and vibration of the brake pedal, often pointing towards the brake pad set and parking assist distance sensor. Comfort-related suspension issues usually involve the strut housing. To enhance your vehicle's lifespan, routine maintenance is crucial, including the seat belt, which should be replaced once the pretensioner is activated, the door lock that safeguards your possessions, and the emblem that represents your vehicle.

When it comes to top-class quality and functionality, original equipment manufacturer parts are without doubt the only choice. They undergo strict quality checks and are built to Lexus's factory specifications for easy installation. If you're seeking high-quality, cost-effective OEM Lexus ES350 parts, our website is worth a visit. We offer the most competitively priced Lexus ES350 parts across a broad selection. Rest assured, every genuine part you purchase from us comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is backed by our straightforward return policy, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Lexus ES350 Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How do you disconnect and remove the air filter housing from a Lexus ES350, and how to reinstall it?
    A: Disconnect the air filter vent hose, canister purge line hose clamp, and the mass air flow and vacuum switching valve electrical connectors. Next, disconnect the throttle body inlet hose clamp and separate the air filter hose from the throttle body. Remove the air filter cover mounting fasteners or unsnap the retainer clips, and then take out the air filter cover and duct as an assembly. Extract the filter element. Remove the radiator support cover retaining push pins and the cover. On V6 models, mark and disconnect any vacuum lines and electrical connectors. Take out the fresh air inlet fasteners and pull the inlet out of the box. Remove the box mounting fasteners and lift the air filter assembly from the engine compartment. To reinstall, simply reverse the previous steps.
  • Q: How do I inspect, diagnose, and replace the brake light switch, including the steps for checking its functionality and performing replacement?
    A: Find the brake light switch on the brake pedal bracket under the steering column and if brake lights aren't working, check the fuse and bulbs. To replace the brake light switch, disconnect the connector, and rotate the switch 90 degrees counterclockwise to remove.
  • Q: How to remove and reinstall fuel injectors and Fuel Rail for Lexus ES350?
    A: Release fuel pressure and disconnect the battery. Remove engine covers, cowl assembly, and air filter housing. Disconnect injector connectors and fuel line, then remove the fuel rail and injectors. Store them in a labeled container. If reusing injectors, replace grommets and O-rings. Remove the fuel rail and injectors as a unit. To reinstall, switch the removal steps going from the final step to the beginning step. Tighten the fuel rail bolts.