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Genuine Lexus GS300 Accessories

Popular Lexus GS300 Accessories
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    Touch Up Paint
  • Radiator Cap
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  • Shift Knob
    Shift Knob
  • Brakes
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  • Satellite Radio
    Satellite Radio
  • First Aid Kit
    First Aid Kit
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The Lexus GS300, produced by Lexus, the luxury arm of Japanese automaker Toyota, is a renowned vehicle in the executive car category. Positioned between the compact executive IS and the flagship LS, the GS300 was designed to compete in the mid-luxury segment, focusing on performance and refinement. The "GS" stands for Grand Sedan, although some importers interpret it as Grand Sport. Production ran from 1991 to 2005, evolving across four generations, each offering a six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. V8 engines were introduced in all generations, enhancing performance and appeal. The initial design in 1988 by Italdesign Giugiaro was aimed at creating a luxury saloon with a streamlined European aesthetic. Early models featured walnut wood trim and safety standard airbags for the driver and front passenger. Over the years, the GS300 evolved, gaining a VVT-i engine, four-wheel electronic steering, and VSC electronic stability control. The latest 2019 model, part of the fourth generation introduced in 2013, boasts a comfortable and spacious interior and a fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It includes novel features such as the Lexus Enform Connect smartphone app integration and a balanced suspension for comfort and handling. The GS300, with its competitive pricing and impressive acceleration, offers two trims: the base and the F Sport. Through its development, the GS300 has maintained a strong reputation for luxury and performance, thanks to consistent upgrades and additions of OEM parts and body kits.

Lexus GS300, a member of the Lexus GS series, often experiences common problems, including engine failure due to oil sludge, and issues with the braking and suspension systems. These issues tend to arise with increasing mileage. Engine failure symptoms often include unusual whining or squealing noises, starting problems, oil leakage, reduced engine performance, power loss during acceleration, and poor fuel efficiency. If the Check Engine Light is activated, it's advisable to thoroughly check the air filter, oil filter, oxygen sensor, fuel filter, drive belt, and camshaft seal. As for braking issues, these typically manifest as squealing noises, slow and poor response, and a pulsating brake pedal, usually due to issues with the brake pad set and wheel cylinder repair kit. Suspension failure symptoms often include noisy clunking sounds, excessive vibrations, and uneven tire wear, often linked to a faulty strut housing and ball joint. To maintain the Lexus GS300's optimum condition, regular maintenance is essential. Replacing the wiper blade, made of soft rubber but often working under harsh conditions, at least every six months can ensure good driving visibility. Regular maintenance of other parts, including the door lock, hood cable, and emblem, is also advisable.

Choosing OEM parts is the best decision for guaranteeing superior quality and perfect performance. These components undergo stringent quality checks and are carefully constructed to comply with Lexus's factory specifications, ensuring a smooth installation process. Should you find yourself in need of new Lexus GS300 parts, feel free to browse our extensive selection of genuine Lexus GS300 parts. Not only are all our OEM parts priced competitively, but they also come with a manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.