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The Lexus GS450h, a hybrid variant of the GS series, epitomizes the blend of luxury and efficiency. Part of a lineage of mid-size sedans known as Toyota Aristo in Japan, the GS series debuted in 1991 as performance vehicles vying for a spot in the mid-luxury class. The GS450h made its first appearance at the 2005 New York International Auto Show and joined the GS line in 2007. As the first mass-produced rear-wheel-drive luxury hybrid vehicle, the GS450h stands out with its 3.5L 2GR-FXE V6 engine, planetary continuously variable transmission, and dual electric motors. Leveraging the Lexus hybrid drive system, the GS450h boasts a super ultra-low emissions vehicle rating. Its hybrid engine delivers a formidable output of 253 kWh, allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h in a swift 5.2 seconds. To enhance the driving experience, the GS450h features an adaptive suspension system that adjusts suspension damper firmness independently. This model comes standard with a vehicle dynamics integrated management system and an electric power steering system, underscoring Lexus' commitment to superior performance and advanced technology. The Lexus GS450h, thus, represents a milestone in the evolution of luxury hybrid cars.

While the Lexus GS450h is a popular luxury hybrid with enhanced performance, it requires regular maintenance and vigilance towards potential issues for extended longevity. The most common issue, as reported by GS450h owners, is the illumination of the Check Engine Light, often accompanied by overheating and deterioration in engine performance. Such symptoms usually suggest issues with the fan motor or air filter. Suspension and braking failures are also common, with symptoms like clunking noises, vibrating steering wheel, uncontrolled steering, spongy brake pedal, and unresponsive brakes, often indicating the need for a new brake pad set. Regular maintenance, including frequent checks on components like the door lock and wiper blade, is crucial. The door lock, essential for vehicle and property security, can fail due to frequent usage and thus requires regular inspection. The wiper blade, despite being made of soft rubber, operates under harsh conditions, clearing debris from the windscreen to maintain visibility. Given its exposure to environmental elements, it's recommended to replace the wiper blade semi-annually.

When it comes to quality and durability, OEM parts reign supreme. They are manufactured to meet Lexus's exacting factory specifications and undergo rigorous quality control. Should you require any OEM Lexus GS450h parts, our website is the ideal online destination. We provide a vast selection of genuine Lexus GS450h parts at the most competitive prices. Here, you will enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience due to our unbeatable prices, swift delivery, manufacturer's warranty, and straightforward return policy.