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The Lexus RC Turbo, launched in the United States in 2016, is a luxury coupe from Lexus, Toyota's premium automobile division. The "RC" stands for "Radical Coupe," reflecting the model's modern, bold design. As the entry-level model in the RC series, the RC Turbo boasts a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 241 horsepower and achieving an EPA-estimated 26 miles per gallon. The RC Turbo F-Sport, an upgraded variant, comes with improved gear options, including a standard limited-slip differential and superior shock absorbers. Enform Service Connect, an advanced entertainment system, adds to the car's features. The RC Turbo's high-quality construction and comfort level rival those of prestigious German brands. Its sturdy design and stiff suspension support a smooth ride on uneven surfaces, ensuring its credentials as a sports coupe. The F-Sport's adaptive suspension dampers further enhance comfort, providing one of the smoothest driving experiences in the luxury sports coupe market. The four-wheel-drive version comes with an intelligent eight-speed automatic transmission, providing smoother, more responsive handling, and a lively soundtrack during hard acceleration. Safety features are standard and include anti-lock brakes with boosters, stability control, and side airbags. A one-year subscription to Enform Safety Connect, an in-car emergency telematics system, is also included. Additional safety features such as blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert are available with the Premium Package. The optional adaptive cruise control comes with an anti-collision system that can automatically apply the brakes if a frontal collision is imminent. The Lexus RC Turbo is a combination of luxury, performance, and safety in an attractively packaged coupe.

The Lexus RC Turbo, renowned for its superior interior craftsmanship, comfortable touring experience, fuel-efficient engine, and precise steering, is not immune to the natural wear and tear common to all vehicles. Engine failure, an issue often appearing during serious car troubles, might be first hinted at by metallic sounds, followed by leaking coolant or oil, a burnt oil smell, and diminished engine performance. Illuminated Check Engine and Low Coolant Lights, along with a drop in power, acceleration, and fuel economy, indicate the need to check the air filter, oil filter, spark plug, oxygen sensor, water pump, and head gasket. The second serious issue is brake failure. Symptoms such as noisy braking, excessive pedal vibration, leaking brake fluid, an ineffective parking brake, rear brakes locking up on wet surfaces, and an activated Parking Brake Light call for inspection of the brake pad set, brake line, wheel cylinder repair kit, parking brake cable, and brake proportioning valve. Regular maintenance of vulnerable components like the seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, cabin air filter, antenna, and door handle, despite their fragile nature and harsh working conditions, can help prevent costly replacements and ensure the Lexus RC Turbo's longevity.

Original equipment manufacturer parts deliver the superb performance and provide top-class durability. That's because they use Lexus's official manufacturing techniques, use high-grade materials, and meet the rigorous standards of quality. Discover competitively priced OEM Lexus RC Turbo parts from our extensive inventory. We assure you of a stress-free return policy and rapid delivery service. All genuine RC Turbo parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, ensuring a perfect fit and restoring your vehicle to its original performance.