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About Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460 is a mid-size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the extraordinary Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury automotive division Lexus since 2009. The first Lexus GX 460 was introduced in November 2009 as the second-generation GX. "GX" in its name stands for "Grand Crossover". Possessing both boundless of levels of comfort and refinement and rough-and-ready off-road performance, Lexus GX 460 though has only been produced through one generation, it is a trustworthy and popular model.
Lexus GX 460 made its debut at China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition in 2009 as a body-on-frame construction, full-time four-wheel drive SUV. Built based on Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX 460 has also been equipped with Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), added a power-folding, two-passenger third row, optional Mark Levinson sound system, two-display Rear Seat Entertainment System (RSES). It also retains the Rear Adjustable Height Control (AHC) air suspension with Adaptive Variable Suspension(AVS) and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). Available in only one trim level, Lexus GX 460 was powered by a 4.6 L V8 engine that could producing 301 hp and 329 pound-feet of torque mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and is powered by a 4.0 L V6 engine rated at 271 hp paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus GX 460 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Lexus GX 460 has a smoother ride and sportier handling, it is not a perfect model after all. As accumulation of mileage, auto parts in it would be inevitable worn out. Once wearing starts, problems as follows would arise:
First, braking failure. No driver would deny the importance of braking system, so would not Lexus GX 460 drivers. They said the problem would first show some signs such as brakes make some squealing noises when it is engaged, brakes may also have poor and slow response and the brake pedal would also become pulsating when it is employed. If you do not want to encounter any accident while in need of slow down or stop vehicle, please pay enough attention to your GX 460 brake pad set and parking assist distance sensor.
Second, engine failure. This issue could be seen as the omen of vehicle is breaking down. So, for your Lexus GX 460, if you notice that it starts to suffer from hard staring or inability to start and engine performance reduced such as decrease in gas mileage, engine misfiring or loss of power while acceleration, then you need to be alerted especially when the Check Engine Light is activated, the GX 460 air filter and spark plug should be kept a close eye on. Once overheating also emerges, the GX 460 radiator and water pump gasket could be the suspects.
In order to sustain your Lexus GX 460's overall quality, you have to do more such as the crucial routine maintenance. As for what to maintain, you should focus now. GX 460 wiper blade is an indispensable part to maintain as it works mostly under harsh conditions but is made of soft rubber, for better driving visibility, you had better replace it at least every six months. Door handle could be loose and affects the convenience of exiting or entering the vehicle, so maintain it on regular basis is essential. Other parts such as door lock, seat belt and emblem should be on your routine maintenance list as well.
For your Lexus GX 460's long lifespan, choosing OEM Lexus GX 460 auto parts is what you should persist. If you have any concern about price, then lucky for you that carries a broad selection of genuine Lexus GX 460 auto parts at the lowest price online. Favored by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service, these OEM GX 460 parts would fit your vehicle perfectly and restore its performance to the greatest extend.