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Genuine Lexus LS430 Accessories

Popular Lexus LS430 Accessories
  • Touch Up Paint
    Touch Up Paint
  • All Weather Floor Mats
    All Weather Floor Mats
  • Car Cover
    Car Cover
  • Radiator Cap
    Radiator Cap
  • Satellite Radio
    Satellite Radio
  • First Aid Kit
    First Aid Kit
  • Paint Protection Film
    Paint Protection Film
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
  • Carpet Floor Mats
    Carpet Floor Mats
  • Wheel Locks
    Wheel Locks
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The Lexus LS430 is a full-size sedan from the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus. The third generation in the LS line, the LS430, debuted in January 2000 at the North American International Auto Show and began selling in the US market by October of the same year. The LS430, with the name signifying "Luxury Sedan", introduced a fresh body design and innovative interior features, embodying the essence of luxury with a design inspired by international hotels and seats modeled after the first-class seats of British Airways and Japan Airlines. It was the first model in the US market to possess adaptive cruise control, employing a lidar sensor. The LS430 is powered by a new 4.3-liter 3UZ-FE engine that generates 290 horsepower, making it one of the first gasoline V8 vehicles. It accelerates to 62mph in just 6.7 seconds. It adopted a more technological approach over four years of development. The final 2006 LS430 model boasts impressive ride quality and a wide array of standard and optional luxury features, including 18-inch wheels, adaptive headlights, and a radar-based system incorporating the Pre-Collision system. Through its continuous improvement and upgrade of auto parts, the Lexus LS430 has solidified its position as a distinguished product in Lexus's lineup.

While the Lexus LS430 is a flagship model, it's not immune to the natural wear and tear that comes with long-term use. Engine failure is a common problem, manifesting in metallic noises, dropping oil pressure, backfiring, starting issues, rough idle, unexpected engine stoppages, and a reduction in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. When the Check Engine Light comes on, components like the oil filter, spark plug, ignition coil, air filter, and oxygen sensor should be inspected immediately. The LS430 is also prone to braking and suspension failures, both common issues across Lexus models. Brake failures can be hazardous, with squealing, poor responsiveness, and vibrating brake pedals often linked to the brake pad set. Suspension issues typically stem from problems with the strut housing, sway bar kit, and ball joint. Routine maintenance is crucial for keeping the LS430 in top condition. Consumable parts like the wiper blade, which works in adverse weather conditions, should be changed semiannually for safety. Other parts requiring regular maintenance include the door lock for property safety, mirror switch for mirror angle adjustment, and the seat belt, a critical safety feature during collisions.

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