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Emerging initially on the automotive stage in the latter part of 2014, the Lexus NX350 has artfully claimed its own unique foothold in Lexus's illustrious lineup of high-end SUVs, adeptly balancing its attributes between the leaner UX model and the more voluminous RX series in relation to both physical dimensions and the breadth of onboard amenities. Achieving impressive recognition on a global scale, this luxury SUV of Japanese descent has not only captured the title of Russia's top-selling luxury automobile but also become a cornerstone in Lexus's robust European market performance. Engine-wise, the NX350 doesn't shy away from diversity, offering an eclectic mix of powertrains to suit a broad spectrum of consumer demands - from turbocharged four-cylinder options to greener hybrid solutions. This commitment to variety extends to its transmission systems, where drivers can opt for either a 6-speed automatic setup or the smoother Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Aesthetically, the NX350's design language is a cosmopolitan tapestry, weaving together stylistic influences from various cultures into a cohesive look with global appeal. The 2021 iteration of the model heralded some significant improvements, notably ramping up engine performance and phasing out the previously employed touchpad-controlled infotainment system in favor of a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. By offering this well-rounded package that caters to a multifaceted audience - ranging from tech aficionados and luxury connoisseurs to performance enthusiasts - the Lexus NX350 stands as an eloquent demonstration of Lexus's unyielding dedication to engineering prowess and impeccable customer satisfaction.

The Lexus NX350, notably the 2022 model, depends on a 12-volt battery for engine ignition and the operation of on-board accessories, computers, and sensors. Common problems associated with a failing battery are slow engine crank, inability to start the engine, dim or flickering lights, dashboard indicator issues, audible clicking sounds during ignition, and activation of the check engine light. These issues can arise from the battery's natural wear over time, faulty alternators, parasitic power drains, prolonged vehicle inactivity, or even unfavorable driving habits and weather conditions. Some NX350 models present challenges in battery replacement due to limited hood space. Regular maintenance to prolong battery life encompasses cleaning terminals to avert corrosion, ensuring the battery is firmly secured to minimize vibrations, routinely testing it, and avoiding long periods of non-use. A vital practice to ascertain battery health involves measuring its voltage with a multimeter. A fully charged battery should register at least 12.6 volts, although even a reading over 12.4 volts doesn't guarantee sufficient current for ignition. If voltage drops below 10 volts during a start attempt, this could highlight battery degradation, vehicle non-use, or alternator malfunctions. A handy method to determine a battery's condition is to attempt jump-starting the NX350, either with another vehicle's battery or a booster. If faced with frequent jump-start needs, this could signal an aging battery or detrimental habits, such as leaving doors open overnight. For maintaining battery health, it's essential to ensure lights are turned off when not in use, short trips are minimized, battery terminals are kept corrosion-free, and electronic accessories are refrained from being used when the engine is off. Regular check-ups at service centers are pivotal, especially if the battery warning light illuminates, to alleviate strain on the vehicle's alternator and starter.

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